Uni Life

3rd Year. Last semester. Although technically two more classes away from graduating.

At the end of the year I'll be going on the Deakin University study tour to Japan for three weeks. I'm pretty excited because I've never traveled overseas before and many of my friends have been to Japan and had an amazing experience. The study tour also counts as credit towards my degree in Visual Communication Design so when I'm back in December I'll have only one more class to complete! I'm planning to continue studying and do an honours year but will hopefully also be working as a full time designer next year.

I've learnt so much at uni not just in design but in visual art as well. Every student has a certain amount of electives they can do as well as the prescribed core units and I have been able to complete almost all of the visual art core units as well as my own design core units. It was pretty rough last semester when I had four 3rd year folios due at the same time - two design projects, one major artwork and photography assignment - but it's been great and I'm very proud of the work I've been able to do. I wasn't able to do the final art unit because I'll be going to the Japan study tour and wouldn't have enough room to do both, which is a shame. I was looking forward to continuing on from last semester and create a large series of sculptures and paintings of skulls but I'm sure I'll try to do it sometime in the near future. I had the amazing opportunity of exhibiting some paintings for my first solo exhibition which has made up for missing out on the art class.

So it's been a pretty full on year - assignments, exhibitions, and Japan later! I'm not sure if I'll actually do any blog posts on this; I suppose it might be a good place to write about my plans for future projects since I really don't do that anywhere else. Thinking of starting a Youtube channel, and a band. Cool. Stay tuned!