Art & Design

Headspace Campaign


Headspace is a national mental health initiative for young Australians. There are over 100 centres across Australia of which 24 are in Victoria. 

Headspace Campaign

Headspace deals with four many different areas including mental health, physical health, work and study support and alcohol and other drug addiction support


The main audience for this campaign is young people aged 12 – 25, which is the ages that headspace deals with. The campaign needed to appeal to young teens as well as young adults.


This was part of Deakin University's third year design unit, Design and Collaboration, where students worked in groups to create design work for local non-profit organisations. I was in a group with three other students.


The campaign idea, branding identity and character style was developed as a group.

Storyboards and scripts were done as a group and revised and edited several times.


I made the vector characters with Illustrator, produced the animated video with After Effects and created the 360° panorama with Photoshop.

The posters were designed by another student which I edited. The flyer designs were based on the posters which were done by another student.


Another team member organised a friend to do the voice over which I used my studio microphone to record. I also recorded most of the the sound effects and the background music track was composed by a student who is also a musician in the group.


An exhibition night was held at Deakin display each group's work. Our campaign along with three others were awarded 'Best Design' and received trophies from the university.